Investor opportunities

The planned roll-out of the Marina PodsTM concept is foreseen in several implementation phases, presenting excellent opportunities for a range of investors to participate in the growth.

These could be private equity investors, government or local authority investment schemes, and land owners or existing marina operations looking for expansion of their facilities, with minimised planning and start-up delays or costs. Due to an inherently flexible modular design, the future expansion and locational growth of Marina Pod™ sites is completely scalable, thus perfectly lending itself to investment optimisation via a license model scheme.

Spin-off opportunities are also realistically possible which can be sub licensed by investors to local contractors and entrepreneurs. These can include inspection, cleaning, stocking of vending machines and other essential services.

Licence Enquiry

Deploy Marina PodsTM in your country.

We are seeking partners, joint ventures and licensees who have potential locations and existing yacht, boat traffic, infrastructure and financial backing to enable a rollout of Maria Pods in designated locations and specific countries.

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