100% Off Grid

Marina Pods TM will provide a practical solution enabling further growth in the leisure marine industry. A totally new cruising experience, completely disconnected with the land, that will appeal to users, investors and operators alike.

Addressing the well documented shortage of available berths, and financial / planning constraints on establishing new land based boating infrastructure.


Marina Pods TM are about to change the way discerning skippers plan their cruise itinerary.

Imagine a network of ‘go-to’ sustainable berthing locations… interconnecting coastlines, and offering safe, secure dockage in attractive spots along the way. And all without the hassle and worry of dropping the anchor.

A 21st Century
boating lifestyle

Marina Pods TM will reach out to boaters looking for a new and totally modern experience.

In relaxing, fun filled, quality time with family and friends internet and navigation connectivity will be integral, utilising a cloud based availability / booking system, and inbuilt waypoint navionics, thus allowing skippers to zoom in on Pod locations for voyage planning purposes.

Clean Energy

Marina Pods TM have been conceived and designed to provide ‘on-demand’ power and water from fully renewable sources to visiting yachts.

Today’s world is increasingly focused on reducing the use of non-renewables.

Essential Services

Marina Pods TM will be electric boat enabled, fully catering for the future growth of electric propulsion.

Tomorrow's boaters will consider charging points as a key prerequisite when planning their trip. With our concept, all the facilities to be expected ashore will be available ‘on-pod’, such as; power, water, provision of snacks, beverages, comfortable covered seating areas, showers, bathroom, laundry etc.

Sea-safe construction

Marina Pods TM will be constructed using well proven design characteristics.

The tried and tested concept employed by our collaborative partner Marinetek utilises an H shaped layout, with a wave attenuation breakwater on the sea facing side.

Fully Sustainable

Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword, everyone understands the importance of making our world more sustainable for future generations.

Yachtsmen are keen to play their part, and shrewd investors / operators will see the profit motive in providing eco-friendly solutions. The appeal of Marina Pods™ is based on a seabed friendly mooring system, with the main services from renewable sources.

Environmentally responsible

Existing marinas and harbours are keen to expand their offer of berthing facilities.

However, regulatory planning, and environmental constraints often stand in their way. Marina Pods™ present a practical, affordable, environmentally responsible option for Marina operators, governments and local authorities to create more berths, and to extend the cruising possibilities for their local boat owners and users.